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Cinephil is an international sales and advisory firm, with a strong reputation for securing international distribution, broadcasting and financing deals for documentaries from around the world on behalf of producers and directors. With a history of selling unique and award-winning films, Cinephil also acts as a strategic advisor and co-producer.

Cinephil has facilitated the sale and financing of well over a hundred films, representing (and produced) the 2013 Academy Award® nominee, The Gatekeepers — 2014 Academy Award® nominee, The Act of Killing — executive produced by Werner Herzog and Errol Morris, Cathedrals of Culture — a 3D project executive produced by Wim Wenders and including films by Wim Wenders and Robert Redford, The 50 Year Argument — Martin Scorsese’s documentary.

Recent titles include three-time Academy Award® Nominee FLEE by Jonas Poher Rasmussen, two-time Academy Award® Nominee Collective by Alexander Nanau, Cannes Classics 2022 Jane Campion, the Cinema Woman by Julie Bertuccelli, Gunda by Victor Kossakovsky, and Sundance 2022 Directing Award Winner and 2023 Academy Award® nominee A House Made of Splinters by Simon Lereng Wilmont.  


Philippa Kowarsky


Shoshi Korman

co-Managing Director

Suzanne Nodale

co-Managing Director

Noa Levy

Director of Business Affairs

Tal Elkayam

Festival Manager

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