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by Christian Krönes & Florian Weigensamer


Daniel Chanoch was deported to Auschwitz at only eight-years-old. Young and crafty, he survived his encounters with the infamous Dr. Mengele and the horrors of the Holocaust. Daniel was liberated in 1945 at age 13 with an entire life ahead of him. Now 90-years-old, he recounts his whole story.


96 mins



English, German


Directed by Christian Krönes & Florian Weigensamer

Produced by Blackbox Film & Media

Cinematography & Editing by Christian Kermer

Supported by Austrian Film Institute, ORF, FISA



During his film and directing studies he was able to accompany and work alongside the legendary DOPs, Vittorio Storaro und Sven Nykvist. In 1985 he joined the Austrian Television and directed a variety of TV formats. In 1990, Christian Krönes started his work for major German broadcasting companies as well as setting up a media agency in Vienna. His work as a consultant and freelance producer allowed him to engage with renowned film production companies. Work on a film project with Sir Peter Ustinov, soon developed into a deep friendship and resulted in years of artistic collaboration for TV and stage productions. Sir Peter Ustinov’s wish for Christian Krönes to work for the Ustinov Foundation was soon accepted and so he became the personal advisor and manager for Sir Peter Ustinov up until his death
in 2004. In 2006, Christian Krönes formed Blackbox Film and with over 30 years of experience in the film branch is now active as managing director and producer.


After his studies of Political Science and Communication Science at the University of Vienna Florian gained first journalistic and writing experience at Austrian ́s foremost news magazine „profil“. 1995 he joins the editorial team of Vienna News International where he directed and designed numerous reports and documentaries for European broadcasters. Later on, together with Christian Krönes, he exclusively produced and directed political and social reports and documentaries from Mid/Eastern Europe and Asia for arte. At the same time he worked on film and multimedia content for museums and exhibitions. After collaborating with various artists in different media in San Francisco for more than a year he became founding member, author and director of the Blackbox-Collective in 2006.



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