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by Caroline Gillet & Denis Walgenwitz


Afghan friends Marwa and Raha grew up in Kabul. Often they have listened to their parents’ stories about the time in the 1990s when Afghanistan was ruled by the Taliban. They were stories of conditions they thought would never return. But in 2021, the country fell back into Taliban hands. Raha decided to stay in the country, while Marwa chose to leave. ‘Inside Kabul’ is the elegantly animated story of what happened next to Marwa and Raha, and what each of them had to go through. Told by the two women themselves through the voice messages they continuously and alternately sent to the radio journalist who is also the film’s director. A beautifully animated audio diary, about two very different choices created by the same situation.


30 mins


France, Denmark



official SELECtion_TDF25.png

Directors: Caroline Gillet, Denis Walgenwitz

Producers: Estelle Fialon - Les Films du Poisson, Matthieu Liégeois - TCHACK

Co-producer: Monica Hellström - Ström Pictures

Executive producer: Annie Ohayon-Dekel

Artistic director: Luciano Lepinay

Original art by: Kubra Khademi

Editors: Sonia Sokolowski, Louise Jaillette

Composer: Theo Boulenger

With the participation of: France Télévisions, Centre National du Cinéma et de l'image animée

In co-production with: Radio France, Pictanovo and the Hauts-de-France Region



Caroline Gillet was born in Brussels and has been producing documentary series for France Inter for the past fifteen years. Her podcast 'Inside Kabul', which gathers the vocal notes sent by two young Afghan women since the fall of Kabul, has just received the 'Contemporary writing' mention at the Longueurs d'ondes Prize. For the past year, Caroline Gillet has also been collecting the stories of Ukrainians confronted with war for the column 'Notes vocales d'Ukraine' broadcast in the program 'Un jour dans la monde' on France Inter. Between 2019 and 2021, she told the revolutions of subversive youth of the old continent in the weekly documentary series Foule Continentale. She also produced in 2014 and 2014 the Tea Time Club - a show in which she already proposed to people around the world to discuss intimate topics live and via Skype. The series was adapted for France 4 the following year. On stage, Caroline co-created RADIOLIVE with Aurélie Charon and Amélie Bonin, which offers documentary portraits in the theater and has toured in about 20 countries. She has written for Actes Sud, directed a film, Les mères intérieures, for France 3 and teaches radio reporting at the University of Louvain.


A graduate of the Orleans Institute of Visual Arts in 1991, Denis Walgenwitz worked as an assistant director, notably for Vincent Paronnaud and Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis (2007). He participated in the development and production of feature films such as Moi, moche et méchant (2009), Le Congrès (2013) by Ari Folman, La Tortue Rouge (2016) by Michael Dudok de Wit, and Ma Vie de Courgette (2015) by Claude Barras. He is also working as a production manager on Ari Folman's Where is Anne Frank? (2021). He has also directed several short films, such asLa Mort, Père et fils (2017), co-directed with Vincent Paronnaud, and Un Amour de télés (2007).



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